Z1 and Sherwa – you in command of your financial life!

The event that will put you in command of your money is starting this Friday (12) at PST 2pm! Besides being able to play with your favorite streamers, Sherwa is uniting forces with Z1 because we know you already mastered the control in many games and now it is time to control your money.

Z1 Plays Empowered by Sherwa invites you to know more about their crebit card. Yes, a pre-paid card that works as a credit card and it is perfect for your needs! But do not worry, you will never be in debt because you will only be able to spend the amount of money that is available in your account.

Z1 is your digital account created for teenagers and minors that are looking for their autonomy and want to learn more about the financial universe. Z1 app helps you classify your expenses and you can learn how to save money while reinforcing financial education. The first step to open your digital account is to download Z1 app on Apple Store or Google Play. After a quickly registration you will have to add information from a parent or guardian – that will also have to register on the app. In 48 hours your account will be analyzed and your card will be shipped to you.

You will receive a MasterCard and you or your guardian can deposit money online or via Pix and all transactions will be shown on the mobile app with real time notifications. Z1 card is accepted in more than 30 million stores and also on online services such as streaming and games. Z1 is also a form of receiving money from your freelances and sales. Are you interested or want more details? Download Z1 app and open your account in minutes!

The event will happen during 12, 13 and 14 of March and you will be able to play with Fê Batista, LJoga, Flavinha Sasa, Mamute e Gustovow! On Sherwa app you will have access to personalized rooms to play with them. Check out each livestream time to participate!

FeBatista PST 2pm – Sasa PST 5am – Gustovow PST 12pm – LJoga PST 10am – Mamute PST 4pm

Join and play with us!

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