Valorant Tips: 6 hints for you to be the best in the shooting game

Valorant is the shooting game that’s everybody’s playing right now. From the creators of League of Legends comes Riot Games’ first in the FPS genre, combining elements seen in titles such as unite Counter-Strike and Overwatch. The fact that the game is in beta test stage and whoever wants to play it needs to watch streams on Twitch to receive a code makes Valorant a the most wanted game, the one that everyone wants to play. Its quality is also undeniable with precise combats and the use of special characters abilities. All Valorant players are loving the game. To help you win matches with your team, here are some important Valorant tips that will make you succeed. Check out!

6 Valorant Tips

Know your agents

Valorant’s beta test comes with 10 different agents and they are divided into four types: sentinel, initiator, controller and duelist. Each one has its own characteristics that you need to be aware of. The sentinel is more defensive, specializing in protecting the type’s flanks and supporting the fighting. The initiator is good for confrontations and gives your team an advantage in being able to force positions on the battlefield. Need to protect an area? Use the controller, which blocks enemy lines of sight for the team. And the duelist is the right one for combat and should be used for shooting, using all his skills.

Don’t shoot while moving

Valorant‘s shooting system is very similar to that of CS:GO. Thus, the weapons will behave closer to the real ones. This means that you’ll have a better aim when shooting without moving. Remember that in the middle of the action, you will need to move to stay alive, but when pulling the trigger, try not to move. 

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Communicate with your team

All Valorant tips are crucial, and we always talk about this point when giving game tips here on the blog, but communication in competitive team games is essential to win. Wear a headset and talk to your team, devising strategies to advance the map and complete the objectives. Be polite! If you don’t have a headset or don’t want to chat, stay tuned to missions and work as a team.

Attention to your money

Just like in CS:GO, Valorant has an in-game purchase round, where you can buy your weapons. And to win, you need to manage your money with purchases of weapons and equipment in each round of the game. Don’t spend everything you have on weapons each round. Save money so you can buy stronger weapons during the game. Remember how we said that communication is important? If you’re broke, you can ask teammates to buy weapons for you. To do this, click with the right mouse button and if someone on the team has the money, they can buy something for you. It is important to buy shields for greater protection and also consider purchasing abilities.

Hero skills

Although abilities are not the main thing here, Valorant’s characters have special abilities that help during matches and give competitive advantages. Learn the skills of your favorite characters and use them to your advantage. Know the right time to use them, whether to escape from a critical situation that can end with your death. If your character has an attack ability, use it to eliminate the opponent.

The image shows 5 different characters from the game. Valorant tips

Study the maps

Valorant’s maps were built to offer tactical confrontations, with access points to areas that allow intense combat, protection and also the creation of strategies. It is important to know the placement of doors, teleports and obstacles and to find points to use your favorite weapons. Studying the maps is the key to victory and you can find details of them at this link.

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