Valorant is the new free tactical shooting game from the creators of League of Legends

Riot Games has revealed its newest game. Valorant is a free 5 vs 5 tactical shooting game that combines features from Counter-Strike and Overwatch. Scheduled for release in the second half of 2020 for PC, the game has all the things to be a great success, bringing fluid gameplay and running in almost any PC. It’s also expected to be big in esports.

Valorant’s story takes place on future planet Earth, after an incident called “First Light.” This mysterious event gave the characters, called Agents, special powers. Each hero has special abilities that can be used in combat, just as you see in Overwatch. Each character has  different abilities to attack opponents, from fireballs to lightning to smoke screens.

However, Valorant is more focused on reality than the Blizzard game. Agents use real weapons and, just like in CS:GO, you can buy weapons at the beginning of the round. The gun shop has three types of weaponry: “sidearms” like pistols and short-barreled shotguns; “primary,” the Agent’s main weapon such as a machine gun or rifle; and “shield,” which are light or heavy. In addition to buying weapons for you, you can buy weapons for your teammates directly.

The characters have three types of ability: primary, which can be used in all rounds; two secondary ones, which can be added to the Agent using the game currency with a specified number of rounds to be used; and a special one, also natural to the character, but that must be powered up due to the performance during the match.

The promise is that Valorant will be released with 12 heroes and four maps, which Riot Games should increase according to the time and success of the game. The matches have 24 rounds, dividing the teams between attack and defense. The attacking team must plant a bomb in the opponent’s territory, while the other team must disable it or prevent it from being installed. There is no respawn and the matches are fast and intense. Whoever wins 12 rounds wins the game.

This format should prove to be very interesting for championships, and several teams are already preparing for the sport. The US T1 team is already preparing for tournaments and for Valorant streams. Pro player Swag, one of the big names in CS:GO, was hired by the team to participate in future championships.

Although we don’t know exactly when Valorant will be released, Riot Games revealed the requirements of its PC to run the game. To play at the lowest graphics quality, you need a Windows 7/8/10 64-bit computer; 4GB RAM memory; 1GB video memory; Intel i3-370M CPU; and Intel HD 3000 GPU. To run the game at a maximum of 144 frames per second, you need an Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz CPU; GTX 1050 Ti GPU.

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