Valorant: here’s the new map Fracture

Valorant, the first person shooting game from Riot Games will receive a new patch and with it a new map. Called Fracture, the new scenario will be available in Update 3.05.

According to the studio, the Fracture map has two large corridors and a central corridor, resembling the letter “H”. It has the Defending Side in the middle and a look with two different biomes. There are ziplines that connect the map from one side to the other.

The other maps available in the free game are Ascent, Bind, Haven, Icebox, Split and Breeze.

In Valorant, this is the first time that a scenario is released that presents interactive objectives connected to the game’s story, as seen in the animation “Duality”.

“The Duality animation revealed the existence of a second Earth. Our goal is to tell the community more about the battle that is taking place between these two worlds,” said David Nottingham, Creative Director of Riot Games.

The idea of ​​having the map with attackers starting on both sides of the map with defenders in the middle is an attempt to get players to rethink fundamental game concepts and solve problems quickly.

“Think of it this way: Who does neutral space give an advantage to, exactly? So the H-shape of the map, the neutral spaces, the ziplines were developed to reinforce that main idea”, says Joe Lansford, level designer.

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