Valorant: Gambit beat Envy and is the Masters Berlin 2021 champions

Gambit is the Valorant Masters Berlin 2021 champion! The Russian team won the championship after beating the American Team Envy by 3 x 0 in the final match. The Russians got US$ 225,000 and the beautiful trophy. The winning team also won a spot in the “world tournament”, which will be held at the end of the year.

Sherwa tells you how was the final event. Let’s start with the Valorant team rosters.



  • d3ffo
  • Chronicle
  • nAts
  • Redgar
  • Sheydos
  • Engh


  • FNS
  • yay
  • Victor
  • crashies
  • Marved
Gambit was the world champion of Valorant

How was the fight

Map: Bind
Gambit 15 x 13 Envy

The first best-of-five match was on Bind map. Envy team took the lead 6 x 2 but couldn’t hold the advantage. The Americans started defending, but when the sides turned around, Gambit got a 11 x 8 score. Later, with a draw, the match only ended after the second overtime, when Gambit reached 15 x 13 on the scoreboard.

Map: Haven
Gambit 13 x 11 Envy

Envy again took the lead and Gambit was trying to chase the result, which worked in the first part of this dispute. In the second, however, the lead went to Gambit. The tie came at 11 x 11 and the score easily ended 13 x 11 for the Russians.

Map: Split
Gambit 13 vs 9 Envy

The third clash was on the Split map. Gambit opened the scoring, getting 2 x 0. Envy fought a lot and turned the game around, which was 6 x 4. However, the Russians tied at 6 x 6, in a much more balanced match than the previous ones. But the Russians did not give up and pursued the victory, showing all their superiority in Valorant, closing the final match 13-9. So Gambit took home the trophy.

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