The Last of Us Part II: The Sherwa blog preview

The image shows Ellie, The Last of Us Part II main character hiding behind a tree in a forest. There are some destroyed cars and 3 menacing figures searching for her.

We’re only a few days away from the release of one of the most anticipated games of this videogame generation. The Last of Us Part II, arrives on June 19 only on PlayStation 4 and it follows the story of Ellie and Joel, who survived in a post-apocalyptic world. In it, a fungus caused a world pandemic, contaminating almost all of the world population and transformed the humans in horrible beings, a kind of zombies, leaving few survivors on the planet.

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Previously… in The Last of US

In the first game, the two travel across the United States to take Ellie to the Fireflies, an extremist group of survivors who were looking for a cure to the infection. The teenager was bitten by an infected, but did not become one of the monsters. This made her “the key” to find a cure. Joel takes her on a trip across the country to get her to this group, but, in the end, he decides not to hand over Ellie, who would die in this surgery that would try to find a cure.

The Last of Us Part II takes place five years after the events of the first game. Ellie and Joel now live in a community of survivors in Jackson, Wyoming. The community lives in peace, with a routine almost the same as that we see in our world. They are isolated from the infected, which still plague the planet.

But something happens (we will not tell you to avoid spoilers) and Ellie must set out on a quest for justice. The developers’ promise is to bring moral conflicts back to the player, who will be on a fine line between right and wrong.

Gameplay Options

Just like in the first game, in addition to the various types of infected to face or to escape using your stealth abilities, there are humans from other groups who will want to see Ellie dead. Each one will offer a different type of challenge or, ultimately, combat.

In this new journey in The Last of Us Part II, Ellie, now the protagonist, will pass through mountains, forests and cities in ruins. One of the biggest maps ever made for the series will be here, which is part of the city of Seattle. During exploration, you will be able to enter buildings in search of items. There will be documents that will also explain what happened to the people who lived there before the fungus pandemic.

Joel and Ellie had a relationship that grew in the first game, bringing them together as something like father and daughter. In The Last of Us Part II, their relationship will be quite different. Ellie is now 19 and will question decisions that Joel made in the first game. We’ll see many conflicts between them and see how the story develops from that.

Running away can be the best fight

Whoever played the first game knows that better than fighting enemies is to try to get past them unnoticed, in the best of stealth. In The Last of Us Part II, this will be no different. The idea of ​​the game’s creators is to create a feeling that you never really feel safe. Even out of sight of the enemy, you can still be caught in some way.

Human enemies now have dogs, and they can smell you and find you. By using your senses, in addition to visualizing where the enemies are, you can now see the trail of their scent, which helps to hide. Ellie can still hide in the grass, but if enemies get closer, they’ll be able to find her. With bigger scenarios than in the first game, you will have more places to escape, which helps you survive. Enemies can also be eliminated to be seen, just attack them from behind. This remains the best tactic.

Against the Clickers, you can also use this tactic, but as they listen very well, you need to be more careful. Avoid them at all costs and, if it is extremely necessary, attack using firearms at a distance and keep moving.

This is one of the main tips. Artificial Intelligence is more improved and it is important to keep moving in order to survive. The enemies, both human and infected, are even more relentless.

A huge, beautiful and dangerous new world

The maps are bigger to allow for incredible moments of combat. Seattle will have a large area to explore and, of course, to fight enemies. The infected will be everywhere. Runners, as those who are just under the influence of the fungus are called, can see you and run quickly to attack. The Clickers are back. They are humans who have been infected for the longest time and the fungus has already taken their sight. Therefore, they use only sound to try to find you and each step you take indicates your position. There are even stronger enemies that have not been revealed and that will be a lot of work. Remember that the amount of ammunition will be scarce.

Ellie’s crafting skills are on your side. You’ll have a series of guns at your disposal and the items you find along the journey will allow you to upgrade your weapons. The girl must further explore the maps to find these items, as well as medicines to improve the character’s skills. Therefore, Ellie can climb and climb the scenarios, which are more vertical than those seen in the first game.

Your survival in The Last of Us Part II will depend on you and your skills, as well as your ability to hide from enemies. Will you make it?

The image shows a girl with a bloody face and and angry look from The Last of Us Part II

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