The 7 best Easter Eggs in games

Besides telling amazing stories, many games have secrets to reward the most dedicated and curious players. From references to classics movies, pop culture and even to other games, the famous Easter Eggs are sometimes so well hidden that it takes a couple years for them to be found. We know that sometimes life moves too fast so we decided to gather 7 of the greatest gaming Easter Eggs for you.

1 – Portal

Portal is not only famous for its super well built puzzles. The game is also known for some Easter Eggs that were popular for telling players more about the story of the game. In some areas you can find secret rooms from the scientist Doug Rattmann filled with words and drawings on the walls. They might look nonsense at first, but they contain information about the Companion Cube and also about the cake that is offered by GlaDOS.

2 – GTA V

The classic game from Rockstar is filled with Easter Eggs and you can find one in the very first mission of the game. More attentive players will be surprised to find a frozen alien in the ice under the bridge at the game prologue. That same alien can also be seen during some hallucinations in the game.

3 – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

We already know that Call of Duty is full of Easter Eggs but did you know that there is a secret in Black Ops 2 that allows you to play retro games from Activision? You just need to shoot the head of all mannequins in Nuketown 2025 in less than 1 minute and a half. If you made it in time an analog TV will spawn on the map and you will be able to play classic Activision games.

4 – The Secret of Monkey Island

In the disk versions of The Secret of Monkey Island, while exploring the forest maze in search of Carla, the swordsmaster, you will eventually find a tree lump. If you search close, Guybrush will say that there is a hole in the base of the lump which gives access to a tunnel that connects to many catacombs. After that, a message shows up asking players to insert disk 22 and press the button to continue. Then it asks players to insert disk 36 and finally disk 144 to continue. Because the game came only with 8 disks, Guybrush stands up and says “well, I guess I can’t go that way, I’ll have to skip this part of the game”. That little joke made Lucas Arts hotline to be filled with complaints from angry players looking for their missing disks.

5 – Animal Crossing New Horizons

The main objective of this cute and friendly Nintendo game is to recruit visitors to your island. However, not everything is super cute in this game. In case you have a television in your island, you can watch an alien transmission every Saturday at 3:33am. The broadcast is 1 minute long and it is a bit bizarre and creepy.

6 – The Division 2

On the DLC Warlords of New York you can get some incendiary ammo the same way you find the Fire Arrow in the game The Legenda of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You just need to go to an area near the water between the Financial District and the Two Bridges. Look for a sign saying “When the water fills the lake, shoot for the morning light”. Then you just have to wait until dawn and shoot a couple times on the Sun that you will receive 30 incendiary rounds.

7 – ManEater

Controlling a shark that releases thunder bolts is already weird, but ManEater is also filled with Easter Eggs hidden in the bottom of the sea and in one of them you can even find the house of SpongeBob SquarePants in The Gulf. The exact location is on the image below but I am sure our jellyfish hunter will not be super happy with this visitor.

Did we missed any other Easter Egg that should be in this list? Let us know in our social media pages! Maybe next time you suggestion might show up in here.

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