TeamFight Tactics, from the creators of League of Legends, is released for free on mobile

Following the recent wave of auto chess-style games, Riot Games launched in 2019 TeamFight Tactics, a game based on League of Legends lore that you can use characters like chess pieces, creating strategies to beat your opponent. A few days ago, the game was released for free for Android and iOS phones for you to play anywhere. The cool thing is you can still play against players who are on the PC as well.

Auto = Automatic, Chess = Chess

In the auto chess genre, you select your pieces, in case TeamFight Tactics the pieces are the characters, and the game will automatically play the combat for you. The style began as a mod for the Dota 2 game created by Drodo Studios that was made available on Steam Workshop. In games of this genre, the player uses characters as pieces on a chessboard. Battles take place automatically, without the player’s interference until the end of the round. Each has different fighting skills and characteristics and you need to decide which ones to use for combat in order to create a balanced team. It is possible to equip items to improve the attack, gain health or defense recovery. Equipment can be purchased with the gold that is received at the end of each round.

Mod of a Mod

Like other auto chess, TeamFight Tactics has emerged as a mode of League of Legends and can be attractive to those who do not like MOBA games. When starting the match, you enter a match with eight other rivals. Each one must choose a hero. The chosen character will be the first to compose the team.

With each new level received during the match, you can place a new character in the arena. And it is important to know where to position your heroes because each of them has a different area of ​​expertise that is indicated on the screen. You can buy more heroes, depending on how much gold they cost and how much you have. Up to five heroes can be purchased to place in the arena and continue the fight. To increase the number of characters in the arena, you need to level up. This is possible both by winning battles and by purchasing experience with gold (for every four coins, you earn a small amount of XP).

The TeamFight Tactics strategy requires you to keep an eye on your team, trying to buy new units and improve their level. For every three equal units in the arena, they come together in one character, getting much stronger.

The game has everything to make the same success on cell phones that it has on the PC. The Riot Games bet is that TeamFight Tactics can attract those who don’t like or don’t have time to play MOBAs. Here, you race against time, but you can think much more about your strategy and can see the match and analyze what must be done to win.

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