Super Mario, Sonic, Mortal Kombat: the worst and best movies based on games

The announcement the Super Mario movie, a 3D animation that gets in theathers in 2022 is making the news because it’s a new attempt to see Mario and his gang in the cinema. The reason is the chosen cast. Mario will have the voice of the actor Chris Pratt, which many people dislike, as his voice has nothing that is similar with the beloved character and because Mario already has a voice, played by Charles Martinet.

The Super Mario movie will still have Anna Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach and Jack Black as Bowser, plus a great cast. How these voices will fit into the story, we still don’t know. The film also has no release date, but we know it will arrive sometime in 2022.

With that in mind, Sherwa’s blog show you some of the best and worst game-based movies of all time.

The Worst Movies

Super Mario Bros. (1993)

Considered one of the worst movies based on a video game, Super Mario Bros. is wrong and bad. Maybe that’s why it has become a cult. So much that, after the announcement of the Super Mario animation cast, the blu-ray was among the best sellers on Amazon.

In the plot, the plumber brothers Mario and Luigi must rescue Princess Peach from King Koopa. This is the same plot as the game, but the similarities end here.

The story doesn’t take place in the Mushroom Kingdom. It all takes place in Earth’s dystopian future in which a reptilian apocalypse happened and Bowser wants to turn the entire population of the planet into lizards.

It has nothing to do with games. Even to jump something else, the Mario brothers wear special boots. Do not watch.

2. Street Fighter: The Movie (1994)

When the movie was released in theaters, Street Figher was one of the most popular franchises in games. Also, get an amazing cast like Jean-Claude Van Damme (star of the action movies of the time), Raul Julia and Kylie Minogue. How could this go wrong? And it went really wrong

The reason is a bad story and it doesn’t make sense. The situations are ridiculous and the movie becomes boring. The character characterizations are good and almost all of them appear at some point. But the mistake was already made and the film is a failure.

3. Resident Evil (2002)

Although it presents several elements of horror games, the film by Paul W. S. Anderson is not faithful to games. However, many people like the Resident Evil film adaptation, but the vast majority don’t. Alice, the main character played by Milla Jovovich is not in games. Some classic elements are also missing. This displeased the fans a lot.

The Best Films

1. Sonic: The Movie (2020)

After a terrifying version of the Sega mascot that would be brought into the film, the studio behind Sonic: The Movie fixed the problem and created a cuter Sonic and more like the video game version (although we still like it better of his 16-bit version look when he had a tummy).

The movie has a simple and fun plot, and it’s efficient at delivering what it promises. Sonic is charismatic and funny, runs at high speeds, as expected and reminds many games we play our entire lives.

But it’s Jim Carrey’s acting that steals the show. Like Dr. Robotnik he is funny, acidic and insightful, with a joke at the right moment. So far, this is the best movie based on a video game.

2. Detective Pikachu (2019)

One of the dreams of every Pokémon fan is to see a world filled with pocket monsters in the cinema. And this was achieved with Detective Pikachu, a simple film for the family, but that tells a beautiful story.

Initially, people turned up their noses at the film, as it is based on a spin-off from the game series that is little known. But with a talking Pikachu (voiced by Ryan Reynolds, the Deadpoll), the film came to life and surprised.

3. Silent Hill (2006)

A big surprise in theaters. For the Silent Hill based film to work, the studio behind the production kept the essence of the game and its script. Everything was well tied, keeping the oppressive atmosphere, all the creatures and the bizarreness of the city that changes bizarrely. To complete, they called the composer Akira Yamaoka, the same one from the video games, to make the soundtrack.

Just make sure you have the guts because the movie is scary.

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