Stardew Valley is now an official eSport

Nobody expected this. Today’s most popular farm management game, Stardew Valley, is now an eSport. Yes, you read that right. Stardew Valley is an eSport.

The game that is still making a huge success on consoles, on PC and on mobile, now has a competition that will be held on September 4th. The announcement was made by game’s creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone on Twitter. The professional tournament, financed by the creator himself, will take place between influencers and all will compete for a total prize pool of $ 40,000. You can watch the tournament on Twitch.

According to him, the competition will focus on missions that eill demand skill, knowledge and teamwork and that will explore all the different parts of the valley. There will be more than 100 activities worth points for the four teams in the competition. Tournament participants will have two weeks to prepare and will have to start their farms simultaneously with the other teams.

The list of activities can be found here. Among them are some easy goals like naming your horse. However, there will be more complicated missions to complete such as completing the entire community center or reaching the 100th floor of Skull Cave.

Among the participants are household names in the Stardew Valley community such as SharkyGames, lilsimsie (who is popular in the The Sims community) and Matthew McCleskey, who does satires on social networks using the game.

No one really expected this, but we’re excited to see what the Stardew Valley competition will be like in a few weeks. And you, do you think it will be cool? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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