Sherwa’s First Playtest

Screenshot of the live video on Facebook showing the streamer Mamute selecting his squad through the Sherwa app.
The streamer Mamute selecting his squad through the Sherwa app

Last week Sherwa hosted its first public test and we are proud to announce that it was a huge success! On Tuesday, November 12, the brazilian streamer Felipe Fernandes, also  known as Mamute, played Fortnite with his fans who were watching the stream on his Facebook page, selecting his squad for each match through the Sherwa app.

The stream lasted for over four hours, with the appearance of Pedro Vasconcellos, head of our marketing team, and several people who follow Mamute’s work and who were interacting in the stream’s chat. For those who want to check it out, he’s already posted a video on his YouTube channel with the highlights of the playtest.

Easing the interaction between creators and their audience is one of Sherwa’s goals. Stay tuned for other playtests and brace yourselves as our Beta is coming soon! We are all over  social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok. Follow us to stay on top of it all!

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