Sherwa Update – 1.5.1 Patch Notes

Hello Sherwas! A new version of the Sherwa app was submited today for iOS and Android devices. With it will come significant changes to the Sherwa platform, so we wanted to share with you everything you can expect. The new build will be released for the public on Thursday, Dec. 10.

Update Summary (TL:DR):

  • New main screen navigation
  • Navigation by game & Game Library
  • New Quick Match screen
  • Average wait time added to Quick Matches
  • Bug fixes on the Teleport feature
  • General bug fixes

New navigation and Home Screen

Our new and revamped main screen navigation will be more intuitive for new and returning Sherwa users.

Other than being able to navigate the app by game (details below) and new styles of banner, we now have new and featured groups highlighted on the home screen, as well as events and influencer livestreams.  

Also our Quick Match feature that used to be on the home screen now has its own place within the app.

Navigation by game & Game Library:

Now the navigation in the app can be done by game. The 8 most popular games will be shown on the home screen, but clicking on “More Games” you’ll be able to see our full game library and navigate the content available for each game.

Updated Quickmatch

Our beloved Quick Match now has its own place in the platform! In the navigation bar, click in “Quick Match”. Then choose a game and wait for someone to join!

Moreover, we now have a timer displaying the average waiting time for each game’s quick match feature, letting you know how long you’ll wait before someone else joins you to play.

That’s all folks! We here at Sherwa are working hard to improve our platform. As part of that, we’ll be providing more updates to you in relation to improvements and news from now on, so keep an eye out for us here and in social media.

All of the best, and keep gaming!

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