Rocket League Super Bowl event is on and has NFL items

Rocket League, one of the most played games in the moment, is having an event celebrating the Super Bowl. The event features cosmetic items from all the teams in the biggest sports competition in the world, as well as special game modes and challenges.

The game combines football with cars and is very fun to play. The successful game is in the Sherwa Online app, available for free for smartphones with IOS systems & nbsp; or & nbsp; Android . With it, you will find friends to play & nbsp; Rocket League , be able to find your influencers playing and also have a coach to improve your skills in the game, which besides being fun, is highly competitive.

The commemorative event started on February 2 on all platforms where Rocket League is available (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC) and features a football mode for a limited time, with the field decorated with the sport yard lines and a themed ball. This is available in Chaos four versus four.

During this period, Rocket League receives themed challenges in which players will be able to unlock the title “Gridiron Guru”, “NFL Wheels”, in addition to gaining more experience points. During the period, the NFL Fan Pack also returns to the game item store, with stickers for Octane from all 32 teams in the current NFL season, for 800 credits.

Rocket League can be played for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac and PC through the Epic Games Store.

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