Rocket League becomes free-to-play; we teach you how to win

Rocket League, one of the most successful online games in recent years, is now free-to-play. Starting this September 23rd, you just need to download the game from the Epic Games Store and get ready to play at will. The game combines soccer with cars and is very fun. However, whoever wants to win the matches needs to train a lot to learn the different techniques of hitting the ball to score goals and even to defend the kicks from the rival team.

The game is already in the Sherwa Online app, available for free for iOS or Android smartphones. With it, you can find friends to play Rocket League, be able to find your influencers playing and also have a coach to improve your skills in the game, which is highly competitive.

Now, with the free Rocket League edition, more people will be playing, which should increase the level of matches, especially competitive ones. Thus, it’ll be more difficult to be able to win alone or in teams. But we’ll give you some tips for you to win in Rocket League. Check this out!

Rocket League Tips

1. Use the turbo at the right time
It’s not because the cars have turbos that we have to use it all the time. Use it only when necessary and remember to recharge by going over the charge points.

2. To hit the ball harder, jump twice, holding the analog stick to the direction you want
A well-aimed shot is the best way to attack or defend.

3. When you’re out of turbo, jump forward twice to go faster
Keep repeating this tactic as much as you like to move faster at a critical moment.

4. To kick the ball when it’s high, jump, make the car turn upwards and use the turbo towards the ball
The car acts like a rocket and works to save your team’s goal. However, this technique requires a lot of training to be mastered.

5. When playing Brawl Mode, use the power at the right time
Keep in mind that power is limited and that it can change the course of the game.

6. To improve your skills, enter Training Mode several times
Be humble and recognize that to improve, it’s best to train a lot. And this mode also teaches advanced game techniques.

7. When playing Duel Mode, wait for your opponent to kick the ball first and then defend and counterattack
When you have your skills at a high level in Rocket League, take the opportunity to play the good old 1 × 1, using this technique.

8. When you need to touch the ball and you have your back to it, double jump with the directional pad to make a bicycle
An advanced technique that can save the team from a goal.

9. When you’re in Stake Run limited time mode and you have the ball stuck in your car, try going to the arena’s roof arena and towards the goal of the opposing team
When falling, close to the ground, jump in the air towards the goal and enter the goal. This tip is good for surprising opponents and winning.

10. Playing brawl mode and have the Punch, wait until the ball is at an angle to use the Punch to score
A kick, or better, a powerful punch to score a great goal!

Sherwa’s Rocket Week

The game is so popular that we at Sherwa have prepared a great event, the “Rocket Week” that runs from today, September 23, until September 29, with Rocket League lives with incredible influencers like LJoga, Patife, Manteiga, Mount, MamuteLive, Zemerson and LudGero.

Do you want to play with people who have the same taste in games as you do? With the Sherwa Online app, available for IOS and Android, you can find people who can be a coach for you to improve your skills in games like Fall Guys, FortniteCS: GOValorantOverwatch, as well as friends to play and, if you send a lot well, it can even teach many to play their favorite games. Download now!

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