Resident Evil 25 years: the best games in the series

Resident Evil , Capcom’s famous survival horror series, completed 25 years of release in March. The first game arrived on the first PlayStation and Sega Saturn on March 22, 1996, bringing a major revolution to gaming. Never has horror and tension made us tense and as scared as with the zombie game.

Over these 25 years, there have been many games, many zombies, many monsters and many scares that the Umbrella corporation has given us. The plot full of mysteries and twists has also trapped us, but games have had ups and downs over these more than two decades.

So we bring you here a list of the best Resident Evil games.

5. Resident Evil Revelations 2

The Revelations subseries was released in chapters, unlike the “original” games. The idea was to show parallel events in the franchise and everything the Umbrella Corporation did to turn people into zombies. The second game is the best and is available for virtually all platforms. The gameplay style follows the style of Resident Evil 4 and brings many battles and puzzles to solve.

4. Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Many claim that this is the best game in the entire franchise. Released for Dreamcast, Sega’s late console, it brought gameplay with a fixed camera, but, unlike previous games, all scenarios were generated in real time, in 3D. With that, the game is beautiful and brings some of the best moments of the entire franchise.

3. Resident Evil Remake

The first Resident Evil is very good. However, the remake is better. Keeping the game scheme with fixed cameras, but with an improved graphic, we relive the whole experience of facing undead in the mansion. Solving classic puzzles is also amazing as we learn more about Umbrella’s experiences with the T-Virus.

2. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 changed everything we knew about the series. From the fixed camera that went on to be a third person camera, RE7 brought a first person camera, which put the scares right in our face (on PS4 you can play with virtual reality glasses, the PSVR). It was a huge success and is the basis for Resident Evil 8 , or Resident Evil Village , which arrives in May.

1. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Both the original game from the first PlayStation and the remake, released in 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, are the best in the entire franchise. The story went deeper and showed more of Racoon City, in addition to having two characters who, although they pass through the same locations in the game, have different missions. Leon Kennedy, who would later appear in RE4 , and Claire Redfield, sister of Chris Redfield, hero of the first game, have different paths, showing other points of view about everything that happens in the game. It is worth playing several times to get all the finals.

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