Pokémon Unite: first official tournament announced

Pokemon Unite was one of the big surprises for fans of the little pocket monsters and also for MOBA fans like League of Legends or Dota 2. The quick success meant that tournaments were quickly planned and we already have the first official championship. At least in Japan.

The event starts on September 19th and accepts players from all over the world. However, there are some rules. You must master Japanese speech and writing and be at least 16 years old (under 20s need parental permission). Registration can be made on the official website.

Image from the first official Pokémon Unite tournament

The matches will be played in single elimination throughout the championship, with the exception of the semi-finals and finals, which will be played in MD3. The maximum number of teams is 256 and games will be played exclusively in Standard Battle at Remoat Stadium.

Pokémon Unite has team battles in 5v5 multiplayer, with players choosing Pokémon according to their abilities to gain competitive advantages. Among the game’s objectives are to capture wild little monsters and earn points in certain scoring areas scattered around the map, which is very reminiscent of the  League of Legends map.

The choice of Pokémon is made before the game starts and, throughout the fight, it will be possible to evolve and unlock new abilities. It hasn’t been revealed which pocket monsters will be in Pokémon Unite or the abilities we’ll be able to use in combat.

Pokemon Unite is developed in partnership between the Pokémon Company and the Chinese company Tencent. It is developed by TiMi Studio, who already created Call Of Duty Mobile Honor of Kings and the popular Arena of Valor. The mobile version will be released on September 22nd.

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