Pokémon Unite is the free to play MOBA Pokémon game you never knew you wanted

Pokémon are the pocket monsters we love since the 1990s, when the first game in the series was released for the Game Boy handheld console. Since then, the RPG series has had dozens of games, with Pokémon Sword & Shield for the Nintendo Switch being the latest. The series is so sprawling, it has gone beyond the RPG genre. We’ve had a fighting game, Pokkén Tournament, we’ve had the beloved Pokémon Snap game on the Nintendo 64, in which we take photos of the Pokémon, and, of course, we cannot forget about Pokemon GO!. Now, the pocket monsters tackle the “realm” of the MOBA games with Pokémon Unite.

Yes, you read that right. We have a Pokémon game that is going to get the best elements of League of Legends and Dota 2. Pokémon Unite will be free-to-play and will be released for mobile and the Nintendo Switch, although it doesn’t have a release date yet. There will be crossplay between the platforms, which means that you will be able to play with people on both mobile and the Switch.

Pokémon Unite Gameplay

Pokémon Unite will have 5v5 multiplayer team battles, with players choosing Pokémon according to their abilities to get competitive advantages. Among the game’s objectives you need to capture wild monsters and earn points in certain scoring areas scattered around the map, which resembles the League of Legends’ Jungle area.

You need to choose Pokémon before the match starts and, throughout the fight, it will be possible to evolve and unlock new skills for the characters. It has not been revealed which are the pocket monsters that will be in Pokémon Unite or the abilities that we will be able to use during combat.

Matches should be similar to what we see in League of Legends and they should last a considerable amount of time (League of Legends’ matches can take up to 50 minutes). It has not yet been revealed whether the game will have any kind of investment from the company to become an esport, with teams participating in leagues and tournaments.

Pokémon Unite is being developed in a partnership between the Pokémon Company and the Chinese company Tencent, which is also the owner of League of Legends. Day to day development is being done by TiMi Studio, which has already created Call of Duty Mobile, Honor of Kings and the popular Arena of Valor.

The imagem shows a snapshot of gameplay in pokémon unite

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