PlayStation: God of War 2 is revealed, Spider-Man 2, Wolverine game and more

PlayStation unveiled new games for the PlayStation 5 at an event held this Thursday. The big highlights were the first trailer for God of War Ragnarok, which marks the return of Kratos and Atreus, Spider-Man 2, with Venom as the ultimate villain, and a Wolverine game.

Couldn’t watch? Then, watch the full event above and see the games that were featured the most in our list below.

God of War: Ragnarok

God of War 2, known officially as God of War Ragnarok now, has finally been revealed with an amazing trailer. The game still doesn’t have a release date for the PS5, but we have some information as Kratos and Atreus seek to avoid Ragnarok, the end of the world.

The game takes place years after the first game and Atreus is older. The story revolves around Atreus, or Loki, discovering his true language. Thor and Freya are the two villains that will bother our heroes a lot during the adventure.

Still, we have the first image of Thor in the game. As previously mentioned by the developers, he doesn’t have a muscular look. But still, yes, he’s great.

Spider-man 2

Scheduled for 2023, the Spider-Man 2 video featured showed our friend from the neighborhood fighting alongside Miles Morales, which left us in the mood for a cooperative gameplay. But the coolest thing is that the villain is Venom. We’re already in the mood to play.

Wolverine Game

A big surprise! We’ll have a mutant Wolverine game made by the same studio as Spider-Man. Nothing has been revealed, just a teaser you can watch above. But we’re already looking forward to it.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake

One of the best RPGs of all time will get an updated version that will be released first on PlayStation 5 and then on Xbox Series X/S. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake brings a dense, complex story worthy of the best Star Wars movies. We’re looking forward to it.


Formerly codenamed Project Athia, the game is slated to arrive next year. We will be transported from New York to Athia, a world with a beautiful look. In the role of Fey, you’ll have to control newfound magical abilities to fight the terrible monsters that inhabit the region for a chance to return home.

Alan Wake Remastered

Finally, the remastering of one of the best games of all time has been confirmed and it’ll also be the PlayStation owners’ chance to play this masterpiece. Also, this version is getting a Xbox version. The title will be released on October 5th.


Finally! Now, we know this version arrives in March 2022. Also for Xbox and PC.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

The supernatural first-person combat game has got a new trailer. In it, we can see a little more of its gameplay while various Tokyo city environments are also shown. Arrives in 2022.

Gran Turismo 7

Even though it lost space to the Xbox franchiseForza Motorsport, after nine years we’ll have a new mainline Gran Turismo. Packed with cars and racing tracks, Gran Turismo 7 arrives March 4th, 2022 on PS4 and PS5.

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