Nintendo Switch OLED revealed with bigger and better screen

Nintendo revealed this Tuesday (6) a new version of its Nintendo Switch. The model, which can be played either on a TV or in portable mode, has a 7-inch OLED screen, which features better color quality.

The model also brings a new stand to play with the console when playing in portable mode (there are three levels of the stand), a better sound system, 64GB of internal memory and a LAN network input in the dock. All games, accessories and even Joy-Cons from previous models are compatible.

For comparison, the “traditional” Switch has a 6.2 inch LCD screen and 32GB of internal memory. Also, it only has a Wi-Fi connection.

The new model hits stores on October 8th for $350 with two color variations: red and blue (just like the traditional Switch); and white, both dock and console.

This is not the Switch Pro that would run games with better graphics quality and 4K resolution. It’s just a better screen version of the normal Switch with some improvements. Rumor has it that Nintendo may still release an improved version of Switch in the coming months.

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