Mother’s Day: streamer and youtuber Cris Nikolaus tells what it’s like to be a gamer mom

Being a mother is not an easy task. Being a mother, gamer, streamer, youtuber, presenter and influencer, is much harder. But Cris Nikolaus can handle everything: the three daughters (the youngest was born in January this year), the streans and the show hosting. And besides all that, she was also a cosplayer.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Sherwa’s blog talked to Cris, who talks a little about her routine. Come with us!

The life of a gamer mom

For her, the routine of being a mother to three children isn’t easy, but she has a lot of help from her husband to take care of everything. “It’s not a very easy routine, but as the difference between children is not so small, it helps a lot. Nicole is 10 years old, Mel is 4 years old and Nina is 3 months old. My husband is a partner in relation to the responsibilities of children. his partnership is important for me to be able to work with the streams or as a presenter, especially in this pandemic moment when we are all at home. Having schedules also helps a lot in the routine and then we can better organize our works.”

Cris with her younger daughter at the hospital when the little girl was born this January

Children love video games, which is quite natural when it comes to a gamer mom. The girls play and the oldest has even participated in a live. “Nicole even appeared in a gameplay playing LEGO in a children’s day special, when she was about 7 years old. She loved participating.”

Games and cosplay

Cris says that she has a very eclectic taste for games, that she likes everything when making her lives on Facebook. “I like everything from FPS to history mode games, football, Euro Truck Simulator ! But to know which games I’ve been playing is easy, it’s just check it out on Facebook Gaming because there I have daily lives and you can check all the current games on my list.”

In addition to being a streamer and host of game events, Cris was once a cosplayer. One of her best known cosplays was from Harley Quinn, from Batman. This was just before the character appeared in the film Suicide Squad. “Today I don’t do cosplay anymore, but when I did, they [the daughters] loved it, so much that many of the clothes I had I gave them and they have fun.”

Harley Quinn is Cris’ most famous cosplay

When asked if the daughters will follow the same path as their mother, Cris only hopes that they’ll be happy. “I want them to be happy. Following the heart is very important to be professionally accomplished adults. If they want to follow what I do today, I’ll be happy to teach and help them always!”

Cris’ family together!

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