League of Legends’ Worlds 2020 will be held on China in late September

Riot Games has announced that League of Legends’ World Cup:, Worlds 2020, will be held in September in Shanghai, China. The tournament with the best LoL teams on the planet will take place between September 25th and October 31st. The announcement was a surprise because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, which canceled or postponed several events in esports. However, there will be no local audience in Worlds 2020 and the event will be broadcast online.

Riot Games’ idea is to have Worlds 2020 in one city, reducing the need to travel for teams and organizers during the championship. Riot Games says this will provide more security and control, avoiding the dissemination of Covid-19. All safety measures recommended by health authorities and organizations will be taken by everyone involved in the League of Legends’ tournament.

Another announcement made by Riot Games is that the Worlds 2020 final will also be the official inauguration event for the Pudong stadium, home of the Shanghai SIPG soccer team and venue for the 2023 Asia Cup soccer matches. In addition, the city wants the new stadium to be a place for entertainment, leisure and sports for all people.

However, Riot Games doesn’t rule out the possibility of having a live audience in the stadium and states that, if there’s such a possibility, ticket information will be released soon. It’s still unclear if there will be any bonus surprises like in-game content during the transmission of the matches.

Expect surprises in Worlds 2020

Even without a live audience during Worlds 2020 finals, the greatest League of Legends’ tournament of the year will be streamed live and Riot Games promises surprises – even though we don’t know what they are. The goal is for the tournament to offer a unique digital experience for eSports fans and for the teams. So, wait for surprises, for example, a new animated short with the participation of League of Legends’ heroes.

In 2021, the World Cup will also be held in China and there will be an attempt to have matches in several cities. In 2022, Worlds will be held in the United States.

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