Hearthstone: Learn to build a perfect deck

The image shows the logo of the game HearthStone on top of a blured screenshot of the game.

Hearthstone is one of the most played online card games on the planet. It’s free and has versions for PC and mobile for iOS and Android. The game is simple and fun, but winning and being the best is hard. You need a lot of training when building a powerful deck of cards. Deck-building is one of the great challenges for beginners in the free Blizzard title. There are 30 cards— in addition to a character with different skills— that must be assembled before any match to then go out for combat.

Since this can be quite difficult if you are a newcomer to Hearthstone, we will teach you how to build a powerful deck and start winning your first battles in the free card game for PC and mobile phones.

Dominate the opponent

Starting to play first or after the opponent doesn’t matter: the objective is to always dominate the opponent and, for that, it’s important to be ahead of him. Choose attack cards with little mana to use them from the beginning of the match. They’ll cause damage little by little, so you can get a good advantage and make your rival defensive. Attack!

Start with the Hunter

The image shows an art for the Hunter character. It's and ogre wearing a wolf's pelt.

This character class is quite aggressive and can be useful for those starting out in Hearthstone. With 2 mana, you can deal an attack of 2 damage to the enemy whenever you need, don’t have cards or have one with a higher mana value that you can’t use at that time.

Strategy for deck assembly

Each card has a different amount of mana to be used and those that use more mana can really only be used more at the end of the match. When setting up the deck, you need to keep this in mind: cards with more mana can only be used more at the end of the game, so if you want to play like this, you need to think about defending yourself to the maximum in the beginning of the game. You can choose to use cards with less mana at the beginning to warm up the fight, but remember that you need to save strong cards for the end. A popular strategy, called the Mid-Game Curve, is to have stronger cards in the middle of Hearthstone‘s game, with mana between 4 and 7. Consider carefully which cards to use before going into confrontation.

Play Arena mode

The image shows an art of the game hearthstone with two characters facing each other. On the left a small green ogre and on the right a woman with pink hair.

Hearthstone arena mode is great for testing cards that you might not use on your deck and, if you like, putting them in the collection. You set up your selection before departure and see how much mana you are going to use. Helps a lot!

Be a Hearthstone ‘analyst’

It may seem simple, but playing smart, analyzing your cards and the opponent’s and how he plays is important. You may not win often, but watching how Hearthstone is played is the key to success. Your enemy may have a combination of cards that help each other, making powerful attacks and you can do the same later. It’s all about getting experience. Another tip is to play on your cell phone whenever you have free time and, when you get home, play on your PC. That way, you’ll always be training.

Do you have any tips for becoming a Hearthstone champion? Leave us a comment below!

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