League of Legends tips: Win a lot in the free online PC game

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League of Legends, also called LoL, is one of the most played games these days and also is one of the most popular esports in the world. The multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA, is very challenging for those who had downloaded the free game on PC and seek to rise in the rankings to be the best. The popularity is also due to the fact that its creators are always updating the game, seeking better balance to make it more fair for their players.

But to be like Faker (the greatest League of Legends pro player of all time), you’ll have to train hard and know all the corners of the Summoner’s Rift map, know your favorite Champions and understand when to use all your skills. It is a complex game in which teamwork is important.

Here’s some League of Legends tips so you can improve your skills and help you win your matches.


Players looking to win in competitive League of Legends matches always use a headset to speak with teammates. It helps to build a more balanced team, with characters that complement each other and to also know the team’s strategy in the match. Don’t swear at others if problems happen (it’s normal!), Be patient and help your teammates.

Pay attention to the selection of champions

League of Legends matches start before the action, when you select your Champions. When this starts, pay attention not to ban (ban) characters that don’t matter and can be trouble to your team. Always think about having a balanced teamset. The company behind the game, Riot Games, has put in place a system where, if the person does not choose the character at the right time, the player is removed from the game and is punished.

Champions to start

One big question for players is which champion to play to start winning in LoL. Here are some that can help in those first matches: Wukong, who can be invisible; Annie, who summons a giant bear and burns opponents; Garen, who has an ability that reduces enemies’ armor; and Sona, who gives life support to allies. With them on your team, you’ll learn to play better very fast and win more in ranked matches.

Search for gold

Many novice players forget to look for gold in League of Legends matches. The resource is important for improving your skills and buying items that will help warding and to have better defense or speed for a limited time. The last hit on the opponent is the best time to get gold. Always try to get the last hit.

Use your instincts, and don’t stop

Sometimes during battle, we don’t know what to do. An opponent you were attacking may have fled or hid and you may feel you have nothing more to do. So, check where your team is, who needs help, do your job, and go help them seek victory. Believe in your instincts and go to the fight!

Do you have any League of Legends tips for becoming a champion? Leave us a comment below!


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    Nice post, RIOT has to inmplement a better anti-cheat system, i can see in the last weeks many hackers using cheats from Blitzhive.

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