League of Legends: game’s animated series Arcane is Netflix’s biggest hit

After having skins on Fortnite for the first time, League of Legends came to Netflix. The MOBA-inspired Arcane series is already the streaming service’s biggest hit, surpassing the bombastic South Korean series Squid Game, which had become the platform’s most-watched content. At least until Arcane is released.

According to the League Charts profile, the TV show focused on the universe of LoL hit a streak in 37 different countries, eclipsing the South Korean drama Round 6.

On November 6th, Arcane was broadcast around the world on Twitch, entitled to Item Drops from many Riot Games games. The company’s global channel, according to Twitch Tracker, reached 613,000 viewers during its debut.

Arcane had a very positive response in China too, where it had 130 million views on its premiere.

The Arcane animation is part of the celebration of 10 years of release of League of Legends. The promise is that the animation will retell the story of some of the main characters of the lore.

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