League of Legends: All about the 2022 season and the new champion

The 2022 Season of League of Legends has begun. The most played game in the world on PC and mobile has won a series of news for the new year that begins in addition to a new character: Zeri, the Spark of Zaun.

As you enter a match, you will see that ranked queues look different for each tier. Quests have been enabled daily and will be available between January 7th and 13th.

Check out the rewards:

  • Season 2022 Icon
  • 1,500 Blue Essences
  • Capsule of the Eternals
  • Sentinel God of the Forge – Season 2022
  • The Call Emote
  • 500 Orange Essence
  • Hextech Chest + Key
  • Ornn, Sejuani, Olaf, Volibear, Pantheon, Leona, Kai’Sa Champion Fragments , Taliyah and Rek’Sai

The Clash Tournament Season 2022 runs from January 15th to 16th. The game will also receive the first set of themed skins celebrating the Year of the Tiger.

A new challenge system has also been added, and you will now be able to track your progress through different aspects of the LoL experience: from flawlessly executed plays to unbelievable moments and extremely rare and much more.

Already in Wild Rift, new champions will be added such as Sett and Yuumi in Update 3.0 and Karma and Shen in Update 3.1, and the game will undergo a terrain overhaul in which, in each match , an element will dominate the Rift (Hell, Mountain, Ocean or Cloud), changing the map.

New character

Zeri is the new champion of League of Legends. The champion’s presentation video features animation and gameplay snippets. She will be mobile with a dash that can break through large walls, slow basic attacks, and an explosive ultimate.

Zeri is a champion from Zaun, the region that was the setting for the animated series Arcane, along with Piltover. In the story, published in advance, it is said that she is a young working-class girl born with electric powers, who fights for the community to prosper amid the inequalities of the nation in which she lives.

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