How to find a coach on Sherwa Online

With the Sherwa Online app, you’ll never be alone to play your favorite online games again. You’ll find someone to play, or get a coach, with in the best co-op games like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Free Fire, CS: GO, Valorant and more.

However, not everyone who likes a game really knows how to play it well and can fight to be the winner. Enters Sherwa! The Sherwa Online app can help you learn how to play your favorite games like a champion by getting a private gaming Coach. Yes, you can have someone who is a professional player in your favourite game to teach you how to improve your skills.

How do you do that? We explain:

To get a Coach on the Sherwa Online app, you must go to the “Explore Matches” option and click on the “+” button. Then select “Get Coaching”. Chose “Coaching” as the type of service, create the name of your room and select the game in which you want to receive the coaching session.

Finish up by selecting the duration of the service and write a short description, providing more details for what you want to learn, for example, “I need help building quickly in Fortnite” then click on “Create Match”.

Remember that this is a paid service, offered by the Coach.

Now you just need to wait a little until someone joins your session. Within 5 minutes, a Coach will join you. If no one appears, you can create a new game.

It’s possible to see the Coaching details in “My Events”. When the Coach joins you, make the payment and good game!

How to find someone to just play with:

In the same way, you can simply find someone to play with you, it’s quite simple. On the Sherwa Online app home screen, click on the image of the game you want to play in the “Quick Match” option. You are going immediately to the waiting room and there you’ll connect with another player, who will be ready to join a match of your game.

If no one connects, you can leave the group and hit “yes” on the pop-up message to receive a notification when someone else starts looking for that same game.

With the Sherwa Online app, available for IOS and Android, you can find people who can be a coach for you to improve your skills in games like Fortnite, CS: GO, Valorant, Overwatch, as well as friends to play and, if you send a lot well, it can even teach many to play their favorite games. Download now!

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