How to become a Fortnite coach

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If you invest time in developing yourself as a player and have countless hours of play, all without earning a penny, you’ll be interested to know you can turn your passion for the game into a source of extra income by becoming a Fortnite coach.

The evolution of technology changed not only the tools we have available in our daily lives but the entire world around it including the job market. A good example are ride-sharing apps, which have become for many people a second (or even first) source of income.

In the gaming market, it would not be different. Technological advancement has made the gaming world more complex bringing a myriad of new career possibilities for those who dedicate themselves. Playing esports’ tournaments, becoming a streamer or coaching players and teams are all viable options for hard working players of many games. In Fortnite, with its immense and ever-growing popularity, opportunities keep popping up and the barrier of entry decreasing.

In this article, we will discuss the skills that a player needs to develop to become a Fortnite coach and help other players improve their game.

The skills Fortnite coaches must have

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As it happens with offline sports such as soccer or basketball, being a good player does not necessarily translate into being a good coach. That is also the case for  Fortnite coaching: in order to properly train other players, it is not enough to have lots of Victories Royale and a great K/D ratio.

To become a coach in this hugely popular game released in 2017, you’ll need to develop many different skills beyond those that help you achieve the Victory Royale.

Perhaps more important than your stats is your game awareness in Fortnite. Knowing the map, where to drop according to your objectives, understanding the right time to push or hunker down, and being able to make the best possible decisions throughout each game are just some of the skills you will need to develop.

By becoming a coach, you can prepare your students for competitive matches by watching their replays to better understand mistakes made, identify mechanics that need to be further improved, and consider what could have been done at any given time for a more favorable outcome.

If they are training for a specific competition, you’ll need to study the game as a whole, as well as analyzing your student’s gameplay and their opponents’. In order to do that, you’ll need dedication and most importantly, patience.

Your analysis can be used to decide the best training program for each student. Beyond patience, it’s important to have focus, poise and respect, whether your student is an aspiring professional Fortnite player or just someone who is tired of finishing last place. To improve a team’s or players’ performance, you must be able to guide their learning process without demotivating them.

If you choose to pursue a coaching career, it’s important to keep in mind that being a Fortnite coach ― or a coach in any other game ― requires more than just playing a lot and playing well. But if you have the knowledge and drive to help other players improve, becoming a coach can be a very profitable way to monetize the time you invested and make some money of your favorite game!


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