Help Center – Quick Match

How Quick Match works? How to find a duo?
  1. Visiting the Quick Match tab you will find games that are available separated by Mobile/Other Platforms. With just one click we will connect you to someone that is also looking for a Duo.
  2. You can find the Quick Match tab on the home screen, by clicking on the game you want to play or on the “More Games” screen (depending on the game you want to play). You can also find the Quick Match banner on the Parties tab like on image B.
  3. After selecting your game, you will have to insert your game ID so that you and your friend can add each other. After filling your game ID, Sherwa will look for someone to play with you.
  4. After you are connected to your Duo, you will have the option to chat with them. The chat box is where you can exchange information or schedule when you are going to play.
Image A
Image B
Image C

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