Halo Infinite: campaign gameplay video shows game evolution

Microsoft and Studio 343 Industries have unveiled a new trailer for the long-awaited Halo Infinite. Finally, we learned more details of the game’s Campaign mode after months of nothing new. Now, we see Master Chief in action, showing the game’s graphical evolution after the disastrous 2020 presentation.

The release is scheduled for December 8th. Halo Infinite will be released for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC and will be available soon on launch for the Xbox Game Pass service.

At the 2020 Xbox Games Showcase event, the game received criticism and became a source of jokes and memes due to its graphics and enemy models. The presentation caused the game to be postponed by more than a year so that 343 Industries could make the necessary adjustments in the visual style, considered very simple by fans. But, as we can see from the video, this has been resolved.

The video, which has narration by Cortana (voiced by actress Jen Taylor) shows a little of what Master Chief will face at Zeta Halo, where his new adventure will take place. The clash will be against the Exiles faction, which defeated the UNSC and now seeks the secrets hidden in this new Halo.

In Halo Infnite, Master Chief has the help of the Pelican pilot shown in the game’s reveal trailer as well as new characters such as “The Weapon”, an Artificial Intelligence whose mission is to trap Cortana.

The trailer also shows more of the game’s map and objectives, with the Chief being able to destroy and take over several control points established by the Exiles inside Zeta Halo, with the possibility of going wherever he wants. It’ll be the most open adventure with bigger maps in the entire franchise.

Master Chief will also be able to order new vehicles at strategic locations, which are delivered by the Pelican pilot. There is also a special skill tree where you can upgrade equipment like the new grappling hook that can be used for both exploration and combat.

As players face the Exiles and their leader Atriox, players will also encounter new threats, including the new alien ration Skimmers, an Elite Spartan Slayer named Jega ‘Rdomnai, and a figure who calls himself the “Harbinger of Truth”.

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