Genshin Impact 2.0 is revealed and arrives on July

One of the most played games at the moment has finally received its new version. Genshin Impact has entered phase 2.0, bringing many new features to the online action RPG. The announcement, made this Friday (9), had a video that shows a little about the new content.

With the update, the new Inazuma region arrives on July 21st. This will be the first major content expansion since the release of the free action RPG. In addition to the addition to the map, the update also brings new playable characters Ayaka, Yoimiya and Sayu.

Another new feature is cross-save, or cross-save across platforms on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Visual improvements and optimizations are also expected for the next-gen console. Nothing was said about the iOS and Android PC and mobile versions of Genshin Impact.

On PlayStation 5, Genshin Impact will get tactile feedback from the DualSense controller, plus better shading to make characters look better. The cross-progression system between PS4, PS5, PC and mobile devices will also make its debut with the arrival of Update 2.0.

New map

Inazuma is the third of the seven major city-states in the world of Genshin Impact and is inspired by feudal Japan. The map already features the cities of Mondstadt and Liyue since its release in September 2020.

This new region is under the jurisdiction of Archon Electro, which enacted the Sight-Hunting Decree to confiscate the artifacts that grant elemental powers to the chosen ones.

It will be possible to follow the continuity of the Genshin Impact story arc, seeing unique landscapes, stories and secrets. In addition, one can expect the addition of new enemies, including the Hypostasis Pyro and a new boss called the Perpetual Mechanical Formation, which seems to be related to the mysterious Ruin Guards.

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