Free Fire Tips: All You Need To Know To Win

The image shows the phrase Tips to Win on a reddish-orange background with the nine characters in the game holding guns.

Free Fire is the most-played Battle Royale game currently on mobile devices, thanks to its ability to be played on almost any phone and by bringing matches faster than PUBG. In essence, you can play more and more matches in less time.

A lot of people are playing the game, which means more challenge. So here are some Free Fire tips to give you a competitive edge in the game.

The Basics

To begin, you need to know the correct location to land on the map. It’s not smart to fall anywhere. First of all, it is important that you know the maps of the game: Bermuda and Purgatory. As the player starts the game without any items, it is necessary to run through the map for weapons, healing items, ammunition and protection items. Houses are the most common places where you’re going to find equipment, so it’s important to fall where there are buildings to take a head start on the competition.

The map’s are reduces as time goes on, so you need to always be aware of the sound signals (I recommend that you always play with a headset). The mini-map in the corner of the screen also shows where it will be reduced. It’s important to stay within the given area but while it’s getting smaller, you can try to venture outside and catch some unsuspecting enemies. This is a good strategy especially at the end of the match. But be careful to go back into the circle so you don’t die and lose the game.

In addition to paying attention to the map, it’s also important to keep an eye on what happens on it. Enemies’ shots reveal them on the map, and then you just have to go on the attack if you’re well-armed or hiding well. It’s important to pay attention to the sounds of the shots, so again, headphones are a good idea.

Tips to be a champion

Two characters from the Free Fire game lurk in a wheat field, the one on the left is a woman standing aiming a machine gun and the one on the right a man crouching with a backpack on his back.

Knowing when to attack is also important. You need to know how much ammunition you have in order not to start an attack and lose because the bullets are gone. Training the aim is also key to winning battles and being the last one left on the map. Also, adjust the sensitivity of the controls so that the sights are more comfortable for you.

Look for higher-level items. Level 3 vests protect more than lower levels. Always have enough healing items for the most emergency times of the match and remember to hide to use them. And choose weapons that match your game type. A good combination, for example, is to have a machine gun for longer-range combat and a shotgun for close combat.

One last important tip is to move at all times. Walk around the map, enter houses and buildings, or even better, get vehicles to get around faster and run over opponents. It is one of the best things to do in the game.

With these tips, you have everything to be the last left on the map and be the great champion, whether alone or as a team. We’re cheering for you!

Do you have any Free Fire tips for your friends? Tell us.


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