Free Fire: Everything about the February 2021 Elite Pass, Legends of Fuji

Free Fire is the most popular mobile battle royale. The game has many important tournaments, is famous for its pro players and the popularity comes because it runs on almost any mobile device. Also, the game has new content every month.

Free Fire recently received the Elite Pass for February. Called “Legends of Fuji”, the package features the theme of Japanese warriors with taikos, demons and two new skin packs.

Free Fire February Elite Pass Rewards

In the new Elite Pass in Free Fire , free and premium rewards are available. Among them, the highlights are the main skin packs, Irezumi Pack (female) and the Onimaru Pack (male). Among other items that stand out is the Pan of Legends of Fuji, the skin of the Sports Car Legends of Fuji, which can be redeemed with 15 badges, USP Legends of Fuji, for 80 badges, Plank Irezumi, for 150 badges and Loot Box Sengen-sama, for 200 badges.

The Elite Pass is already available in the game along with the Elite Pack, respectively for 600 and 1.2 thousand diamonds.

Garena releases a new elite pass each month with a different theme, where players will be able to redeem rewards after winning pass badges performing veteran missions and elite.

The Fuji Legends Elite Pass is available until the end of February.

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