Fortnite: the 11 best skins

Fortnite is one of the biggest hits in videogames. But, in addition to bringing an addictive gameplay that has won a huge audience – not to mention the fact that the game is free – a thing that attracts the audience of the game is the possibility of using incredible character skins.

Epic Games knows how to work this resource well and has earned a lot of money by selling and releasing original skins, with characters that appear within the game, and also from well-known franchises as heroes of Marvel and DC. We saw heroes and villains like Captain America, Wolverine, Deadpool, Daredevil, as well as The Flash, Aquaman and Green Arrow. Movie characters like Predator, Alien, Terminator, John Wick also showed up. In addition, there are game heroes like Kratos, Master Chief, Ryu, Chin-Li.

We bring here the best skins ever released in Fortnite according to Sherwa Online.

11. Raven

Super scary, this skin is a favorite of older Fortnite players.

10. Kratos

The God of War hero arrived by surprise in the game, bringing his older look, from the game released in 2018 to the PS4. He has strength and this skin makes all opponents respect you. The axe used in the PS4 game is in Fortnite and has a really cool animation.

9. Wolverine

The favorite mutant got skin in the game during the season focused on Marvel. The style chosen is that of comics, with its classic yellow and blue uniform and another version, brown. When you see Wolverine on the map, it makes you want to run.

8. Chun-Li

The most classic Street Fighter character appears for the first time using weapons. This is curious, since in the lore of Chun-Li, she’s a police officer. Her skin in the game is identical to that of the games and there’s a version that refers to the style seen in her clothes in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

7. The Flash

One of the coolest heroes from DC arrives with a very interesting skin, which makes a small reinterpretation of his most classic uniform. He even has a hilarious animation, in which he uses his super speed to eat and read a comic book. It’s very worthwhile to buy.

6. Loserfruit

This is one of the skins most used by Fortnite players and pro players alike. What fans like is their colorful style of clothing, which changes color too.

5. John Wick

With the success of the movies in the series, the murderer John Wick could not be left out. Played by Keanu Reeves, the skin is a perfect representation of the character, who still has a cold and sinister look.

4. Terminator

Like our third place, the killer robot from the movies isn’t very friendly, but his skin in Fortnite is incredible. We can see all the gears in the T-800 and the scary red glare in his eyes. It makes you want to run when he comes towards us. The skin’s glow in the sun is also very beautiful.

3. Predator

It was a big surprise when this character, Predator, who can also be said to be a villain, arrived in Fortnite . It’s not a friendly skin since we are talking about a very ugly alien. But in the game, he’s a little cuter, but he’s still scary when he takes off his mask.

2. Mandalorian

Everyone who watched the The Mandalorian on Disney + loved the character and, of course, Grogu, better known as Baby Yoda. The skin is beautiful and with the Beskar upgrades it gets even better and much brighter. But here’s the warning: getting all parts of it’s quite a difficult task.

1. Midas

Fans love the character, who has golden hands and a look that can scare you. Make no mistake, he loves gold and will do anything to get this gem in the lands of Fortnite . Still, it’s a skin that causes fear when we see Midas approaching to attack us.

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