Fortnite: Street Fighter’s Cammy and Guile are in the game

After Ryu and Chun-Li, two new fighters from the popular fighting game Street Fighter arrive at Fortnite. You can now get Cammy and Guile skins to play battle royale. And the skins are awesome!

Both come with two versions of skins, with Guile’s English Punch Picks and Cammy’s Delta Red Blade, as well as the V-Trigger Vector Delta Wing.

Cammy has the Tactical variant and the Boreal Protection add-on.

Guile, meanwhile, has the Sweating Shirt variant and the K.O accompaniment. Both will also be available through the Cammy and Guile pack, with the other themed cosmetics as part of the Cammy and Guile Outfit pack.

Skins can be purchased from the Fortnite shop on all platforms.

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