Fortnite: Season 8 Cubed began; everything you need to know

Fortnite‘s new season has begun. Season 8, called Cubed, brings many new features, skins and so much more content, which will last for the next few months. The big news is the appearance of mysterious cubes on the island. What’s in store for the battle royale players?

If you missed how was the end of season 7, watch the video below:

Is this the end for the aliens?

What’s the story this time?

As you watched in the season 7 finale video, Operation: Sky on Fire showed with the destruction of the mothership of the aliens that invaded the island. Because of this, the cubes that were inside the giant flying saucer began to spread across the island and create portals to a place infested with monsters, the “Cubiverse”.

These locations appear randomly in every game around the island, where players will encounter anomalies in a giant blob species. Within these locations, players will be able to defeat monsters to obtain weapons and crafting components. Gravity is lower and it’s also impossible to do any construction.

Within this parallel dimension, a good thing is that monsters cannot go outside of it. Also, it’ll be possible to find special chests and, inside them, there are weapons like the Cubiverse Rifle and the Cubiverse Spinning Machine Gun. Parts of destroyed monsters can also be used to upgrade weapons.

You can collect small cubes around the scene to transform into a ghost. In this form, you can’t use weapons or build, but you can move around faster. There’s a giant blue cube hidden on the map that gives shields when you touch it.

At certain locations, there’re energy paths to enter and walk at high speed to your destination.

What’s on the Season Pass?

The season 8 pass has the same evolution scheme as the previous season. You level up and earn stars. This way, you can choose which items such as skins, dances, backpacks or stickers can be obtained in the order the player wishes.

The pass, which is paid, features eight characters to unlock as you level up, plus a cartoon version of Fishstick, called Toona, which you can color in however you like. However, you need to find parts of paint on the map. Also, it is possible that new bonus skins will appear in the coming weeks.

Among the skins the main highlight is Carnage, Marvel’s villain and Spider-Man’s enemy, which will be the final reward of this season’s battle pass. He joins Venom, but we still want our friendly neighbor Spider-Man skin to play Fortnite.

Fortnite’s Season 8 runs until December 5th.

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