Fortnite: Season 6 begins with new map, Lara Croft, Neymar and more

After a long wait, Fortnite‘s Season 6 has arrived. The beginning of the season presented an adventure for one player in which we had to close cracks in space-time. However, they caused a major change in the game map: the desert disappeared and a forest with yellowed leaves and prehistoric buildings entered. So the name of the new Fortnite season is Primal.

Among the new skins are Lara Croft, Raven from the Teen Titans and soccer player Neymar. There is also an unprecedented system for the construction of weapons, domesticated animals and Bunker’s Chests.

Watch the new season video

The new map arrives with changes. With an emphasis on its center, there is now the region called The Pinacle. In addition, the site known as the Decrepit District replaced the old Salty Towers and the Colossal Coliseum changed.

There are 15 new weapons: Mechanical Explosive Bow; Mechanical Shock Wave Arc; Primitive Smelly Arch; Primordial Flame Arch; Mechanical Arc; Improvised bow; Primitive SMG; Improvised submachine gun; Primitive Shotgun; Improvised Shotgun; Primal Rifle; Improvised Rifle; Primitive Pistol; and Improvised Revolver.

You can collect bones and gears and create and upgrade weapons. Animals give meat and you can eat to regain your life.

What’s in the season pass

Fortnite now has wolves, frogs, chickens and wild boars scattered across the game’s map. Animals can either be slaughtered to provide materials needed for the construction of armaments, or tamed by the players themselves. When tamed, they help on the battlefield, visualizing and attacking enemies.

Among the skins are Neymar, which has not yet been released because it is Agent Jones’ secret Battle Pass costume; Lara Croft and the 25th Anniversary and Classical styles; Tarana and the Armor of Ex-dye and Indigo styles; Raz; Poop and the Glup and Explosovo styles; Ravenna – Reborn and the Classic and Rachel Roth styles; and Algoz do Pináculo.

The Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks.

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