Fortnite: Neymar Jr. is in the battle royale with an ‘animal’ skin; here how to get it

One of the greatest soccer players of the moment arrived in Fortnite and is one of the highlights of this season. Neymar Jr. is in the game! Epic Games released a short video that shows what content the Brazilian national team and French club PSG player will bring to the battle royale. Watch above .

Neymar was announced as a “secret character” in the season. To obtain him, you need to complete some challenges, which have not yet been revealed, to unlock his skins and other items in the game.

How to do it?

Neymar’s items are part of the current Battle Pass of the game, which means that you need to buy the pass, perform the missions and, therefore, receive the items. In addition to the costumes, it’ll be possible to unlock items such as an image for the loading screen, a spray and a celebration dance. The game features skins of the player in a football uniform, but there are also two “wild” versions of the athlete to obtain.

The collaboration between the game, Neymar and PUMA also brings special game modes in Creative Mode and a championship worth a pair of personalized boots inspired by Neymar’s primal costume in the game.

The theme of the current Fortnite season won is “primal”, with rustic buildings on the map, improvised weapons made with an item creation system and wild animals roaming the map. Among the guest characters of the season are Lara Croft, Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and Neymar.

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