Fortnite: LeBron James skin it’s here! See it and get it

Lebron James, Los Angeles Lakers basketball player and one of the greatest players of all time, will be skinned in Fortnite. And she is awesome! He arrives for the current season along with Superman and Rick Sanchez skins.

The player skin is scheduled to arrive at the game store this Wednesday (14th). Lebron will have two different outfits: one based on the Space Jam: A New Legacy movie and one more casual. It’ll also be possible to purchase the King James Gear package to receive all of the athlete’s items.

The player skins will come with the Nike James 19 shoes, which will come in three different colors. In the LeBron James skin, the basketball player has stylish clothes and accessories in silver and gold colors. It’ll be possible to add the King James Gear Pack, which includes the Lion Pick, Wing Wing, and the Will Face? gesture.

The LeBron Squadron Tunes look” references the movie Space Jam: A New Legacy, which will premiere soon. The costume will include the variation Lebron’s Cue Tuesday, along with the accessory for the Back Ultimate Backpack The different athlete skins will be sold separately in the game store, but players will be able to purchase the King James Bundle, which includes, in addition to all items, a loading screen.

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