Fortnite: Jinx’s skin, from League of Legends, is here; Riot Games titles arrive at the Epic Games Store

In a partnership that has surprised everyone, Fortnite will have a League of Legends character! Jinx was chosen, bringing her explosive personality and all of her items from the successful MOBA to the biggest battle royale of all. The collaboration celebrates the release of the Arcane series, a new animation from Riot Games, which hits the Netflix catalog on November 6th.

The LoL champion arrives as part of the “Arcane: League of Legends” set, which features the Jinx (Arcane) costume, Jinx’s Dream Monkey back accessory, the tool of collects Crusher Pow-Pow and music for the Playground Lobby (Instrumental).

The purchase of the character bundle still gives players who choose to purchase the blue haired champion bundle, which will be the newest addition to the Games Legends rarity, get a discount on the purchase and also receive the Jinx Esteve Aqui e spray the themed loading screens Oh, Hi! and Chaotic Destruction.

The Epic Games and Riot Games partnership also marks the first time that Riot Games games are released outside of their launcher: League of Legends, Valorant, Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra are now also available on the Epic Games Store.

Epic claims that old players will still have access to their pre-existing accounts, as well as their friends lists, in the Epic launcher.

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