Fortnite: How brazilian influencer Patriota got a dance in the game

Fortnite is the most played game and one of the most important titles of the decade, with an influence that changed the entire videogame industry. It’s so important that you can understand it has become a phenomenon. Brazilian influencer Patriota is surfing on this trend and he’s happy about it! He just got a dance for himself in Fortnite.

“I’m very happy. It’s a dream for me, ”said Patriota, nickname of Kim Nigro, in an exclusive interview to the Sherwa Online blog. “Epic Games spoke to me and offered an emote of mine to put in the game. I thought it was great to have a content from streamers and youtubers in the game. The conversation evolved and it turned out that what was an emote before, became a dance in Fortnite. ”

He says that the Fortnite studio asked him to send several videos of him doing a dance. As he was not sure what to do, he sent several videos with different dances and movements. Epic Games gathered several of these short videos to set up a dance move. “I was inspired by dances from Brazil, but I’m not a dancer. I did several different dances and, in the end, I had no idea what to do. I lost about 88 pounds from dancing so much”, he said.

He explains that the videos were put together by the Epic Games team, that set up the Fortnite dance. In fact, a choreographer had to reproduce the dance in order to have his movements captured to put the movements inside Fortnite. “For the dance promotion, I had to do the dance in a video and I forgot all the steps. I had to relearn my own dance! ”, he jokes.
The whole process took about five months. “It was very difficult to keep a secret. But after I saw the result, it was really cool! ”.

To get Patriota’s dance in Fortnite, you’ll need to count on luck a little. It appeared once in the game and should come back like that, by surprise. Then, you can buy it with V-Bucks, the game’s money.

Patriota says he was always interested in creating content and, in 2010, he didn’t have many game Youtube channels like today. “I tried with some videos, but it didn’t work out very well. I didn’t move on. Then, in 2015, I came back and started well. I spent a year trying to make ‘full time’ videos on the channel and it worked. In 2017, I started to stream on Twitch ”.

With this effort, he created a community and it grew fast. Currently, his YouTube channel has 1.17 million subscribers and he releases videos every day. On Twitch, there are lives from Monday to Friday and Patriota has more than 515 thousand subscribers. His content is all focused on Fortnite, but Patriota says he is very fond of first person shooter games.

The image shows a picture of Kim Nigro AKA Patriota, the brazilian influencer that just got his fortnite dance in the game.
Kim Nigro AKA Patriota

“Delta Force was the first one I played. Today, he plays Fortnite most of the time. I really liked Valorant . It’s a mix between Crossfire and Paladins or between Counter-Strike and Overwatch. I played a lot. I also like the Warzone mode of Call of Duty. It’s very good”.

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