Fortnite: Chapter 2 ends on December 4th with an amazing event

Fortnite will have the biggest event of the year very soon! Epic Games has announced the final Chapter 2 event of Fortnite with a name of “The End”. The event takes place on December 4th, at 6 pm (Brasilia time). On this day, players will have a final showdown against the Cube Queen to decide the fate of the island where the game takes place. What can we expect?

The game will be down for two days, returning on December 6th. Players will be able to team up with up to 16 friends to face off against the Cube Queen and reminisce every moment of Chapter 2.

“Now that the Convergence is complete, Queen Cube prepares to decimate the Island, and nothing will ever be the same as before. Take your weapons and fight the ultimate destroyer of reality. Enter ‘The End’, a unique event in the game, and fight for your legacy,” says Epic Games.

Whoever participates in the festivities will earn themed rewards such as loading screen and wrapping. In addition, prior to the close of Chapter 2, there will be an accelerated-level weekend, scheduled to run from 9:00 pm on November 26th to 9:00 am on the 29th.

“The End” is described as “a unique event in the game.” Content creators and gamers who want to relive the final moments of Chapter 2 of Fortnite will have to record and archive their own experience, as there will be no replays. As the Season ends the day before, all players who log in before the Season ends will receive a reward of 225,000 EXP.

All players who log in from this Wednesday will also receive a 225,000 experience bonus.

Chapter 2 of Fortnite began in October of 2019 and remained active for eight seasons, highlighting numerous partnerships with Marvel, DC Comics and other renowned pop culture companies .

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