Fortnite Season 2 is the best for the pro player/streamer Ninja

The image shows seven diferent character skins from Fortnite.
From left to right: A banana with glasses and a tuxedo, a woman with short hair and tatical gear, a man with a skull mans and a suit, a golden man, a muscular mand with a cute cat face, a woman holding a dinamite stick and a girl with a blue sword.
The title reads, Fortnite Season 2

Fortnite Chapter 2 second season is a massive hit, with a lot of content for players, fans and pro players. But the game’s brand new content is not pleasing everyone. On the other side, the biggest Fortnite player, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, seems to like what he saw and defended the game from players’ complaints.

During a stream on his channel, Ninja read many negative comments about the new Fortnite season. People said that the game is not good, that players are no longer playing like in the past. The pro player and streamer answered by saying that this is the best Fortnite season in a long time.

Check his reaction about Fortnite Season 2

“This season is better than the eighth, better than the ninth, better than the tenth. People don’t understand, they don’t give a chance. This is toxic and will not get you anywhere. The best thing is for everyone to start playing again because Fortnite is so much fun, ”he said.

Ninja is one of the best players in Fortnite and also criticizes the game a lot. He didn’t like the news from Chapert’s 2 first season, but he’s really enjoying what Epic Games brought to the second season. He even said that he hadn’t had a lot of fun with Fortnite in a long time.

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