Fall Guys: season 3 is all about the winter

Fall Guys, one of the most played games of 2020, being popularized during the quarantine of Covid-19, will get cold. Very cold! The theme of the crazy game’s third season will be the winter.

The Mediatonic studio announced that Fall Guys will be getting a new season soon and that the theme that will change the competition and skins of the beloved characters will be “the cold of winter”.

There’s still no date for the new season release. However, it should start around December 7th, the day the second season should end, according to the game’s internal numbers.

The theme was revealed in an image, showing one of the new strages of the game and some of the new skins for the heroes, which many call “jelly beans”. Among the skins that can be obtained in the new season are a penguin and a snowman.

Fall Guys third season promises to be bigger than the second one, which had a medieval theme, and which didn’t please everyone. The complain was that there was less new stuff than expected and a lot of recycled content from the debut season.

The newq Fall Guys season reveal had the theme revealed by a Mediatonic studio campaign, which led fans to come together and put together a 300-piece puzzle. Thus, with the pieces correctly fitted, the theme of the new season of the game was revealed.

So, do you think it will be cool to compete in icy events in Fall Guys? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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