Fall Guys: Season 2 is going Medieval all the away

Fall Guys is the hit of the moment. Everyone is playing the fun battle royale game that looks like a TV game show. We’re laughing at the funny moments and we’re love with the cute characters. But what everyone’s wondering is when we’re going to see Fall Guys season 2.

When will it be released? We still don’t know because Mediatonic developers haven’t revealed it. However, if we do the math using the in-game countdown, we can deduce that it starts on October 6th. But everything can change!

On the other hand, during the Gamescom 2020 event, the studio gave us a small taste of what we can expect about Fall Guys season 2. The game’s available for PC and PS4 and it’ll have new epic levels and new skins inspired by the Medieval Era. Everything to keep putting smiles on our faces.

Watch the presentation that took place at Gamescom 2020 below.

All stages and rounds in Fall Guys season 2 will be inspired by this medieval theme. From what we can see in the reveal video, we’ll have the battle royale challenges against 59 other players online in castles, drawbridges, towers and cannons. What was shown made us very curious and excited: players will manipulate objects like large blocks that will help you (or your team) to reach higher places. Cooperation will be important because the blocks are heavy.

What was more curious is that these stages require the cooperation of all players to move the blocks, but in the video, they seem not to be in the team challenges, which makes everything more unusual. Will the players help each other anyway?

And of course, we expect a lot of surprises in the new Fall Guys challenges. However, there’s a doubt: will all the events of the current season, or at least some of them, be maintained in season 2? We’d very much like the community favorites to continue.

Among the medieval skins, little has been revealed. We saw a wizard, a knight, a half Viking and a dragon (which is so cute!).

Fall Guys is an absolute success. On PC, via Steam, it has sold 7 million copies since its launch. On PlayStation 4, it is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers, and it was the most downloaded game on this service.

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