Epic Games acquires Fall Gyus studio

A bomb! One of the games that surprised you most and one of the most played in 2020, Fall Guys , is now from Epic Games. The Mediatonic studio was bought by the Fortnite company and it develops the Unreal Engine for an undisclosed price.

In a post on the official blog , the team celebrates the announcement, and states that the team size has increased a lot since Fall Guys was launched in 2020: from 35 people to more than 150. With that, it justified the acquisition by Epic Games, leaving the structure of Devolver Digital after 10 years.

“Joining Epic will speed up our plans to improve the game and bring Fall Guys to more players as we continue our support for the community”.

How will it be?

In the same post, on the other hand, the team claims that the game won’t be affected and that the Steam and PlayStation versions will continue to be available for purchase. In addition, Mediatonic continues to develop the title for the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox family.

Mediatonic points out that Epic’s choice of studio was motivated by sharing many of the same goals. “We’ll continue to be the same team, working on the same game, but now we have all the strength of Epic Games to help us take the game to the next level.”

There are rumors about Fall Guys becoming a free game, following the same pattern of success as Fortnite , but none of this has been confirmed so far. However, it would not be surprising that this strategy is adopted to bring more players into the game.

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