E3 2021: the best and the worst of the videogame event

As happens every year, E3 is the time for big companies to present their new games that will be released in the coming months and years. However, things don’t always go as planned or, depending on the game, the title catches the people’s favor and is cheered. The same happens with the companies that make their conferences.

At E3 2021, it was no different. We had a lot of good games revealed, amazing announcements, but a lot left to be desired. Sherwa blog shows E3’s best and worst.


Take Two Event

The company that owns Rockstar, which develops the GTA series, announced that they would be holding an event at E3. That was all it took for everyone to rush to watch, as the wait for GTA 6 is making a lot of people anxious. However, the event did not talk about games, nor did it make any announcements. A lecture was given about inclusion in games. The theme is super important, but it could have some revelation.

Capcom Event

Everyone was waiting for some game announcement or even a video about the upcoming Resident Evil Village expansions. But that’s not what happened. Capcom used their space at E3 to announce a new Ace Attorney game, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and to talk a bit about RE: Verse, the online mode of Resident Evil. And that was it.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Final Fantasy is a much loved franchise. An action game based on the first game in the RPG saga by Ninja Gaiden studio Team Ninja is enough to get attention. But it was not the case. The game, whose free demo can be played on PS5, is visually terrible, although many liked the battle scheme. The action is intense, but you haven’t seen a game with this graphic quality since the PS3 days.


Xbox Event

The Xbox has arrived in full swing at E3. Although there was no surprise in terms of advertisements, what was shown pleased. Best of all, all the games will be available on launch day on the Xbox Gamepass service. Forza Motorsport 5 was the big highlight, featuring stunning visuals and a Mexico-based setting for us to explore. Halo Infinite was shown quickly, but left something to be desired. But there were a lot of games, which indicates that the Xbox Series X/S will have a good year.

Elden Ring

One of the most anticipated games from E3 2021 was shown at the Summer Game Fest event. Elden Ring, developed by the creators of Dark Souls and Sekiro, in partnership with Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin. The game will bring a huge open world where we will be able to face very difficult enemies. We’ll die a lot, but at least we’ll be able to ride a horse that has double jumps.

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