Cyberpunk 2077: the best and the funniest bugs

After almost 8 years in development, Cyberpunk 2077 has finally been released , bringing one of the biggest, best and more immersive RPGs in the history of video games. That is, if you play on a powerful PC – or on a PS5 or Xbox Series X or S. If you play on a PS4 or Xbox One bases, the experience is terrible and we do not recommend that you buy the game for these two platforms .

In addition to all the controversy regarding the title’s quality, Cyberpunk 2077’s full of bugs. But there are so many, and so many, bugs in the game that the internet (which does not forgive) is posting videos, images and very funny comments, showing these bizarre moments found in Night City.

Want to see these bugs? We show them!

Police appear out of nowhere

Just like in games like GTA, Cyberpunk 2077 has a ruthless police that will chase you if you do something wrong in Night City.

When one problem leads to others

In Night City, anything can happen. Things can start well and end in unusual ways.

Crashing the car changes the mood of Night City

Here is a bug that we never imagined could happen. Look what happens when you crash the car.

Flying car fades out of nowhere

It’s okay that we won’t be “surfing” on top of Cyberpunk 2077 flying vehicles, but we don’t expect them to disappear like that, out of nowhere. And that’s exactly what happens at the end of this video.

NPC ‘leaks’ water

We couldn’t stop laughing about this bug.

Slipping prevents damage when falling

Our friend Patife shows something unusual. Slip when falling at any height to avoid taking damage.

A different way of driving

At times, the Cyberpunk 2077 bugs get very bizarre.

Homage to Harry Potter?

It looks like we figured out where we can go to Hogwarts in Night City.

The game runs well, despite the bugs

We may have the best PC in the world, but the Cyberpunk 2077 bugs will always be there.

The developers forgot to finish the game

Imagine finding a hole in Night City and falling into void forever …

One of the scariest bugs in Cyberpunk 2077

If it were me, I would run away!

1,000 NPCs who will have their own lives …

It was promised but it was not fulfilled. Look at this citizen: He spends the day going from side to side. NPCs don’t have their own lives, or their lives are pretty boring …

I think we hit too hard

Take care of who you hit and your strength.

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