Coronavirus: 7 games to play with your family in quarantine

Since we’re quarantined with our family to avoid being infected with Covid-19, what could be better than spending time playing games with everyone? And there are a lot of really fun games that you can play with them, including ones to help you get a little exercise.

Here we show 7 games to play with the family in this social isolation such as Super Mario Party, Pokémon Go, Just Dance, The Sims and Minecraft . We hope that they’ll make you happy during this time.

1. Just Dance 2020

The most popular dance game in the world is great for playing at home during quarantine because many people can play at the same time. It’s also a good way to exercise, as some songs are very intense and will make you sweat. The latest version of the game is Just Dance 2020, available for all video games. On the Xbox One, you can play with the Kinect motion sensor, capturing your body’s movements while performing the choreographies you see on the screen. Those who don’t have a motion sensor can use their mobile phone: an application allows, when holding the cell phone, to capture their movements to the game. So many people at home can play together. Just Dance 2020 artists include Ariana Grande, Panic! at the Disco, Ed Sheeran and DJ Snake.

2. Minecraft

This is a classic video game and it needs no introduction, but playing Minecraft in split screen mode is an activity for the whole family in quarantine. Parents and children can play the creative mode and build whatever they want, from houses to castles, together. They can also live stories in adventure mode, in which it is necessary to eat food to not to die. And you’ll also face enemies. You’ll need to be more careful playing this way. For those who want to play with friends in quarantine, the game allows you to play online.

3. The Sims 4

Taking care of Sims can be a lot of family fun in quarantine. The Sims 4 is available for consoles and PCs and you can create your Sims and make them live just about anything you want. The family can help you make decisions, choosing which Sims will succeed and which will fail and even live a dream life. But a lot of people like to play “different”, like leaving your Sim wanting to go to the bathroom and making it pee in the middle of a party, or to put it to swim in a pool and take the ladder so it can’t get out…

4. Pokémon Go

The game was made to make you go out on the streets and hunt for Pokémon, but in quarantine times, when we have to stay at home, the creators of the successful mobile game changed things a bit. Incense sticks and incubators are more efficient and last longer and the purchase of packages is much cheaper. You’ll still have to walk inside the house to count steps to make the eggs hatch, but they are much less steps. Incense will cause wild Pokémon to appear closer to you. And battles against other players no longer require walking, they can be done at any time.

5. Super Mario Party

This is a mandatory game for those who have the Nintendo Switch. Super Mario Party gets up to four people to play a sort of boardgame to perform a series of activities to see who gets the most stars. The minigames are not very fair, but who cares? You will laugh, have fun and even fight with your family. But in the end, it’s just a game!

6. Roblox

Roblox is a free game for consoles, PC and mobile (mobile) in which you create your version for the game world and enter an almost infinite amount of minigames. Don’t think that simple visual style is a hindrance to having fun. The game is a big hit with children, but there are playing styles that will appeal to all ages.

7. Terratech

Build machines and collect resources. TerraTech is one of the hottest hits in the sandbox genre and requires a lot of thinking to create amazing machines and make them work properly. The title is available for PC and consoles. It is not easy, but it is fun to play with the family, who will be able to help create amazing vehicles to carry out the tasks.

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