Fortnite will have the biggest event of the year very soon! Epic Games has announced the final Chapter 2 event of Fortnite with a name of “The End”. The event takes place on December 4th, at 6 pm (Brasilia time). On this day, players will have a final showdown against the Cube Queen to decide […]

The Sports Awards  was held this Saturday, November 20th, revealing the highlights of the 2021 sports scene. The annual event rewards teams, players, scene personalities, behind-the-scenes teams and developers of games is the main award of the field in the world. Brazil stood out this year Nobru, from Free Fire, one of the biggest influencers in […]

Warner Bros. Games announced this Thursday (18) the free platform fighting game Multiversus, which brings together characters from different franchises of the company. Some names are Shaggy (Scooby-Doo), Tom & Jerry, Batman, Superman, Jake (the dog from Adventure Time), Garnet (Steven Universe) and Arya Stark (Game of Thrones). Platform fighting game is similar to titles […]

A big surprise! Microsoft released this Monday (15) the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite free for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. It was a gift to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the launch of the first Xbox on November 15, 2001. Apart from being free to play, another good news is that any […]

The biggest update ever released for Among Us is now available. The game was revamped on PC, Nintendo Switch and cell phones and now players have new classes that bring new features during matches, in addition to an account evolution system, more unlockable items – among other small improvements and additions. Whether you are one […]

After having skins on Fortnite for the first time, League of Legends came to Netflix. The MOBA-inspired Arcane series is already the streaming service’s biggest hit, surpassing the bombastic South Korean series Squid Game, which had become the platform’s most-watched content. At least until Arcane is released. According to the League Charts profile, the TV […]

In a partnership that has surprised everyone, Fortnite will have a League of Legends character! Jinx was chosen, bringing her explosive personality and all of her items from the successful MOBA to the biggest battle royale of all. The collaboration celebrates the release of the Arcane series, a new animation from Riot Games, which hits […]

A Bandai Namco unveiled a new 15 minute long gameplay of Elden Ring, one of the most anticipated games of 2022. The game is developed by FromSoftware studio, who created Dark Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The video more details about the new game, from its setting, combat elements, characters and dungeons. Elden Ring is directed […]

Microsoft and Studio 343 Industries have unveiled a new trailer for the long-awaited Halo Infinite. Finally, we learned more details of the game’s Campaign mode after months of nothing new. Now, we see Master Chief in action, showing the game’s graphical evolution after the disastrous 2020 presentation. The release is scheduled for December 8th. Halo […]

Halloween 2021 is coming! It’s a day to ask for candy or play tricks but it’s also a time to play scary games to get in the mood of this event. So, get your spooky costume that Sherwa will introduce you to 5 scary games to play on Halloween. 1. Alan Wake Remastered (Xbox, PlayStation, […]