CoD Warzone tips to help you survive in the new free battle royale

Call of Duty: Warzone is the new battle royale and is already a success on PS4, Xbox One and PC. In a few days, more than 15 million players were registered on all platforms. The free game puts 150 players in a giant map for a face-off, and the last one to survive wins. The game is now available for download and, recently, a solo mode was released, so you can fight other players by yourself. Until then, you could only play in duos or in trios. Here are some Warzone tips so you can dominate!

5 Warzone tips

Venturing out on the map, called Verdansk, is dangerous and there are more than 300 points of interest to use in the fight for survival. There are many weapons and items that can be found and used, and to help you out, let’s give you some tips.

The image shows an air view of the full map. warzone tips

Relax, you can go back

Unlike other battle royales, in CoD: Warzone you can get back to the game after dying. In the system called Gulag, when you die, you go to a prison and you face another player. If you win the fight, you’re able to return to your team. So, when you die, keep calm, take a deep breath, and when you fall in combat against another player, do your best to come back and help your team.

Mount your gun

Warzone is in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game and it has an important feature that allows you to aim and shoot more precisely, which is mounting the weapon on surfaces and walls. This happens when you aim and press the melee button: your weapon is mounted, protecting you. It’s an important resource that we often forget in the midst of intense combat.

Use the markings

All Warzone tips are crucial and communication is very important in any online game, but not everyone uses a headset to combine strategies. There’s a solution for this called a Ping system, which creates a mark on the map. You can point out where the team should go, where there is an item and weapon or an enemy. Use this feature a lot.

Buy your loadouts

One of the most interesting features of Call of Duty: Warzone is getting money throughout the game to buy loadouts. You can buy the equipment you have customized in other Call of Duty: Modern Warfare modes and receive in the battle royale mode. Using this resource, you will have more advantage against other players. And along with the weapons, you can receive your perks. Perks allow you to run faster or even heal faster. Take care that when you buy and receive a loadout, it is played on the map and all other players can see and even steal from you.

Share money with your teammates

Another new feature in Call of Duty: Warzone is Contracts. It’s a sort of side mission that you can find on the map during the game, and it gives money to buy loadouts and other items. It’s hard for a solo player to get enough money for purchases, and that’s why you need to act as a team. When you arrive at a Buy Station, you and your teammates can share the cash and buy a lot more equipment.

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